What Is Aspen Multi-Energy System?

A unique Multi-Energy Therapy System that helps fine tune the results before and after cosmetic /plastic surgery.  Aspen therapeutic treatment protocols ( Aspen Rehab Technique) combined with non-invasive technology is a Patented Therapeutic Treatment Program that utilizes three powerful technologies specifically designed for Pre / Post-surgical care of patients:

Aspen Harmonizer™ – A Hands-Free Ultrasound Technology utilized in our Shape & Soften Therapy Program.

Aspen Illuminizer™ LED Light Technology used in our Heal & Seal Therapy Program.

Aspen Stimulizer™ - An Electrical Stimulation Technology with two different modulations that are used in our Pain & Drain Therapy Program.

Why You Should Use The Aspen Multi-Energy System with Aspen Therapy Program?


  • Improve pre/ post-surgery care for breast, body and face procedures.
  • To speed up healing time for your patients.
  • To help treat/ prevent Capsular Contracture and other Liposuction contour irregularities.
  • Provide a alternative Non-Surgical solution for Capsular Contracture.
  • To improve patient satisfaction and compliance.
  • Differentiate your practice from other plastic surgeons.
  • Improve the revenue of your practice.