In any surgery, a natural by-product is pain, bruising and swelling. It is expected that the area involved and the surrounding area near the surgery site will be uncomfortable, discolored and swollen.

Surgery is essentially a “controlled trauma” that depending on your health prior to surgery and the extent and number of areas worked on, will result in some pain, bruising and swelling. The human body reacts to the surgical procedure by causing more water to be retained (swelling) and shows it superficially on the skin with blue, black, or purple colors (bruising). Most surgeons have the goal of minimizing pain, bruising and swelling by innovative techniques, minimal invasiveness, and good after surgery recovery care.


Lymphatic massage, unlike deep tissue or traditional spa types, is a very gentle, superficial type of massage used to move fluid, swelling, and debris after surgery. It is very effective in removing toxins and inflammatory products, which helps to reduce pain and speed recovery.

The Aspen Stimulizer™ in conjunction with the Lymphatic Massage helps to speed up the recovery process after a surgical procedure. Also it is used for prevention of bruising, push out fluid faster to reduce swelling and pain.

The Aspen Illuminizer™ can be used on open scars to improve circulation and vascular activity as well as collagen production to stimulate wound healing cells. Also can be used in conjunction with Aspen Therapy to improve circulation to improve the healing process of Hematomas and Seromas reducing the potential for complications and infection.