Aspen Breast Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ & Therapy Program is the only Non-Surgical therapeutic-based solution for helping patients with:

  1. Capsular Contracture
  2. Breast Implant asymmetry, high, hard, and pain syndromes

"Now your patients can have soft, shapely & symmetrical breast without Surgery"

Aspen Body Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ & Therapy Program is the perfect  solution to help speed up the healing process after surgical procedures of the body:

Tummy Tucks: Helps improve the look of the external scar and relieves the feeling of internal tightness shortly after surgery.

Liposuction: Helps smooth out waviness and irregularities due to firmness and scar tissue after liposuction procedures as well as making the procedure more comfortable and painless.

Body Lifts: Improves the healing process reducing scar tissue tightness and fluid build-up that can cause pain after surgery.

" The Aspen Body Therapy helps patients enjoy their new & improved body sooner"


Aspen Face Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ can expedite patient’s overall looks and recovery after facial procedures:

  • Stimulates wound healing and closure
  • Non-Invasive and pain-free therapy
  • LED Light spectrum helps improve circulation, wash away bruising, and increase collagen production.
  • Nerve regeneration after motor or sensory loss

"The Aspen Face Therapy helps your patient to recover quicker after facial procedures."



Aspen Medi-Spa Therapy

The Aspen Multi-Energy System™ can take the pain away from your Medi-Spa Procedures  blocking  the pain & providing an epidural effect using electrical anesthesia.

"The Aspen Medi-Spa Therapy can improve your patient's care."




Lymphatic drainage has long been recognized as a beneficial therapeutic intervention that aids in the healing and the recovery of patients after surgery.

The theory is that the lymph system which carries waste products and facilitates removal of toxins speeds up recovery and helps prevents complications.

The Aspen Multi-Energy System incorporates the Stimulizer™ feature which is a modality that creates both an electrical and mechanical stimulation of the lymphatic vessels causing an opening and draining of the lymphatic system faster than natural muscular contraction or manual therapy alone can provide.

This used in combination with proper compression dressings and manual therapy provides the fastest alternative to healing.

This is especially important after infection, seroma, or hematoma, which are the top three triggers for common complications like breast implant capsular contracture, liposuction fibrosis, contour regularities, and unsightly scar lines.